• Pipe creeping was observed during TPL, due to which we’ve pre-mature terminate the Sampling job. This was something extremely new to the team at location, however this is a common phenomenon of this type of job which can be addressed by drill pipe movement and changing the waiting time.
  • With the RDT we did observed that the probe selection was not suitable as per the reservoir condition. Please advise which tool is similar look alike SATURN type with HLS.
  • The RDT module selection need more home work / brain storming sessions, as now we understand that only 2-things we can control from surface i.e. probe size + Pump selection. These things HLS should tell us before mobilizing the tools to wellsite.
  • Rubber element on MSFL tool got damaged, however this type of harsh bottom hole condition (High temperature & CO2 content) do exist in other part of the world. They’re also logging day-to-day without losing any part of data. So HLS need to look into this & get suitable tools for high temperature & CO2 environment.
  • The tool calibration post job should be done at wellsite as soon as the tool comes on surface and this should be properly documented for future reference. We observe serious lack in this, in recent logging.