Compound Drive Device

SOP (Compound Drive Device)

BC352-L compound drive device is one of the important component of ZJ50 drilling rig, adopts chain drive and as a totally-enclosed box type structure.

The compound drive device has the following functions:

  • The power output form three power packages is converged in a compound box body to realize the random compound of 2# and 3# diesel engine with 1# diesel engine
  • The power is distributed and then respectively transferred to DW, RT and two mud pumps to realize the random switching or the synchronous usage of the two mud pumps and the cutting off and the input of the power of DW.

The above functions are realized by the engagement and disengagement of input clutch, pump clutch and thrust disc clutch and the different combinations of one gear shifting mechanism.

Technical Parameters:

  • Rated input power
  • Rated input speed
  • Compound speed ratio
  • Compound chain
  • Pump chain
  • Lubrication ways
  • Cooling ways
  • Primary oil addition amount
  • Weight
  • 2200kW
  • 585 r/min
  • 1:1
  • 140-8 oil rig drive roller chain
  • 140-8 oil rig drive roller chain
  • Forced oil spray lubrication +grease lubrication
  • Natural cooling+ circulating water cooling
  • 800 liters
  • 20939 Kg

Structural description:

Compound drive device comprises drive shaft, pump shaft, gear shifting mechanism, box body, lubrication oil way assembly etc


Oil tank is filled with oil as per specified oil. In summer (ambient temp is -100C to + 400C) use L-CKC220 industrial gear oil or mobile gear oil SHC630, and in winter (ambient temperature is above -400C), use L-CKC220 industrial gear oil or mobile gear oil SHC630.


Clean filter element of lubrication oil filter once per half a month.

The bearing in big bearing block on drive shaft and bearing in friction hubs of input clutch and pump clutch are all lubricated by adopting extreme pressure lithium base grease. Adopt extreme pressure lithium base grease in winter and extreme pressure lithium base grease in summer. When the type of the grease is changed, old grease in bearing must be eliminated completely.

Notice:1. When filling grease in inner bearing of idling friction hub, the grease can not be too much, otherwise, the grease overflows and enters the surface of friction hub to cause the slippage of clutch, influence the normal working of drilling rig, and even possibly cause grave accidents seriously.

2. During drilling in winter, if the temp. is too low, it may cause unfavorable lubrication of driving components. Before DW works, it is suggested to rotate the compound drive device idly for certain time, and enable the DW to work after the lubricating oil temperature rises and all bearings are lubricated normally.

Each Shift Checks:

  • Check lubricating oil in oil tank for oil level and pollution.
  • Check bolt of fastener for looseness.
  • Check air inflow and air discharge of clutch for smoothness and clutch for reliable working.
  • Check rubber pipelines and joints for cleanness and air leakage.
  • Check gear shifting mechanism for reliable operation.
  • After compound box runs, monitor its sound for normality.
  • Check oil pressure gear oil pump for being in range of 0.07-0.2MPA and all lubrication oil pipelines for smoothness.
  • Check each oil spray lubricating point for normality.
  • Check each air guide faucet for heat generation and air leakage.



Trouble phenomena Reasons Troubleshooting
Bearing is burned out. Insufficient lubrication
Assembly quality is not high
Quality of bearing is unqualified
Check troubles of lubricating oil lines
Guarantee assembly quality during reassembly
Replace with bearing with better quality
Leakage Oil return hole of bearing block is blocked.
Assembly qualify is not high after bearing cap is disassembled
Check oil return hole of bearing block
Guarantee assembly quality during reassembly
Input clutch or pump clutch works abnormally. Air pressure is insufficient or air line goes wrong
Grease on surface of friction hub
Clutch goes wrong
Bearing of idling friction hub is burned out
Check air line and increase air pressure
Repair or replace
Replace bearing and fill grease
Too high temp. of lubricating oil Lubricating pump is damaged
Too little lubricating oil in oil tank
Replace oil pump
Fill lubricating oil
Abnormal sound Chain breakage
Insufficient lubrication
Sundries enter box body
Replace chain
Check oil way and insure sufficient lubrication
Remove sundries
Abnormal working of master clutch Air pressure is insufficient or air line goes wrong
The friction plate is worn
Deformation of spring
Check air line and increase air pressure
Replace the friction plate
Replace spring