1. What is sequence stratigraphy?

2. How would you describe a rock cuttings sample under binocular stereographic microscope? Please list in generalized sequential order.

3. What is the major difference between clay and shale?

4. What type of energy environment does “well sorted beach sand” indicate?

5. What does a red or brown colour (cuttings) indicates about the depositional environment?

6. What does a grey and green colour (cuttings) indicates about the depositional environment?

7. What are the uses of sedimentary structures in study of sedimentary rock?

8. What are sedimentary Facies?

9. What is transgression?

10. What is regression?

11. What are the different types of traps?

12. What is progradation?

13. What does the formula CH4 stands for?

14. What is intrusive equivalent of basalt?

15. What is ortho-quartzite?